Saturday, August 31, 2013

Block, Change, Flood

Writer's block is horrible. We all know this and we all--hopefully--hate it.

So, since I hate it so much, I decided to change from one story to another. Fearing is coming along just great! Don't ya just love the feeling of having idea after idea and word after word come to mind? That's the opposite of writer's block: writer's flood. Haha

Happy Writing!

Monday, February 25, 2013 1... Again

My apologies for neglecting to post--my life has been pretty busy. But, I'd like to announce that I have finished Song of the Dead. It hasn't been officially edited, but as of this moment, I'm done.

"Phew!" What a feeling! I haven't printed out the manuscript (ink is costly), but just looking at it on the computer screen makes me excited! Three-hundred and twenty-nine pages... 

Now back to page one. Yay! ;)

After a lot of thinking and asking opinions, I've decided to start a sequel to Song of the Dead, called Sight of Souls. In the second book, a new character is introduced--let me rephrase that: a new Breed is introduced. Her name is Ana. Hitler sent Nazis to gas her city when she was ten. Because of her fair hair, her mother had moved her to the basement so that nothing would happen to her. Ana only had the darkness and an old piano. After the gas eliminates (kills) the whole city, the Nazi's tear down every building, and eventually find Ana. Because of the poisonous gas, she is blind. Because of her fair hair and blue eyes, the Nazi guards take her to Hitler.

Ana is almost twenty-one, has known nothing but darkness and music and Hitler, and sits in a small concrete room surrounded by torture chambers. Sight of Souls is partly her story, and partly the rest of Lade's. I'm excited!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

200th & 250th Page Anniversary... way behind, sorry

Wow - I'm behind. 
So sorry, I've been on a writer's block for a few months. I've tried everything - rewriting the last few chapters, erasing a few chapters... ugh. Nothing's working well. 
But I am at 273 pages! That has to count for something, right? *sigh* I'm so grateful for my family and friends who are encouraging me to keep writing. I'm trying really hard - but I want to get it right, and it's hard, haha :) Pray for me! haha, and if you don't pray, then... just think of me and Song of the Dead.

(and, yes, I speak to the computer often)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

150th Page Anniversary

    Well, I've gotten to 150. Woot!  
    People ask me if I'm almost done, and the answer is no. I might be about half-way through, but with the ideas popping in my head, I might be only a fourth of the way through. I do have the ending though, so the hardest part is only filling in the middle :) Haha, I love writing.
     Adolf Hitler won WWII. His son is now dictator. 
    "It's not about who lived, but those who have gone."   - Lade

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What America Means to Me

    In my book, there is no America - it's been lost, forbidden by Hitler to ever return.
    Since I've been writing about the fall of America and the freedoms that are no longer in play, I've learned more respect for our country and the symbols associated with the States - I know what they mean.
    Lade says that "America is nothing but a wonderful fantasy land."
    We Americans take for granted that we can walk outside without being shot - we can buy a car or groceries - we can do things that other countries won't allow. The fictional country of Ander in my story is nothing at all how America was.
It's funny how you can feel something so strongly that only you can feel. I feel America, much differently that those fighting for our country, but I feel it.
    God Bless the USA :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

100th Page Anniversary

    Wahoo! I finally got to 100 pages :) well, now it's 106... Haha - I love writing; it's so fun! My sister rolls her eyes at me when I say that, but it's true. I love when an idea comes and you just have to follow it until you can breathe out again. I'm getting hooked to it though, thinking about it and writing little notes to myself to "fix this paragraph" or "add 'this or that' to that sentence" and "explain this part better." Haha, I love bloody-ing up my papers.
    Here's the latest possible-cover picture:


    I chose black for the "On September..." paragraph
because the white made it seem too bright? Haha, I
don't know! I tried red, and the "Ballade..." paragraph 
as white, then black - but nothing seemed to fit. I'll
probably fix it later...
   What'd you think?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Which Way??

    [Some] Rules of Writing:
1.  Complete an idea before you start another.
2.  Press forward - try not to waste time erasing and starting something over.*
3.  Make note of any and all ideas pertaining to the plot.
4.  Don't use the all the ideas you write down for one story.
5.  Read, reread, and triple-read after each chapter to catch anything you want change.
6.  Listen to any and all advice - this does not mean do everything they tell you, but listen to them.

    * Backing up and erasing: something I've refrained from doing. Well, you have to break your own rules once in a while, yes? Yes; and that's exactly what I did. I erased four chapters and started a different idea, and so far, so good! Haha, I hardly ever do this - but I could either have just kept going with the original idea; or I could back up then go forward :) I might have to do this again later, haha.